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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What has changed now the NDIS has arrived?

A: Previously, participants in People Outdoors programs would have been used to paying a small fee to attend our programs. This is because previously DHHS (Victorian Government) covered the bulk of the costs for participants attending our programs – this is no longer the case. If you do not have an NDIS plan we can still assist you! Call us on 03 9863 6824 to find out how.

NDIS now requires that you plan for these programs and allocate the appropriate amount of funding to help you attend these programs. The funding allocated no longer covers the full costs to People Outdoors and this is why current participants may notice an increase in out of pocket costs to attend our programs. More information about this is further outlined in Frequently Asked Questions below.

Q: Who is eligible for NDIS funded camps?

A: To participate in People Outdoors NDIS programs, you must have a current NDIS Plan.

Within your plan you will need to ensure you or your NDIS Planner includes the following in your plan:

  • camps or
  • community and social participation or
  • group based community, social recreational activities

You will need to ensure that your plan has enough funds allocated to cover the costs of your participation on our programs.

A breakdown of each program cost can be found below under ‘What is the cost of the camps/programs and what does it include?’.

Please be advised that costing will change depending on the level of support the participant requires.

Q: What do I need to put in my NDIS plan to be able to attend a camp with People Outdoors?

A: To get ready for the NDIS and your first plan, start thinking about your immediate support needs and what your current and future goals might be.

If you have not yet looked into your first plan, please click here for more information from the NDIS website.

Camps or, community and social participation or group based community, social recreational activities need to be included into your plan to participate on People Outdoors Programs.

The NDIS focuses on participant’s goals, please click here for a goal sheet template tailored around People Outdoors programs.

Q: Can I attend a camp if it is not in my NDIS Plan?

A: Yes, if there is enough money allocated in the core support categories of ‘Daily Living and Social & Community Participation’ that would cover the cost of participation in People Outdoors programs.

If you are able to afford the entire costs of attending camp you can also pay full fee for service (conditions apply).

Q: What is the cost of the camps and what does it include?

A: The cost of People Outdoors programs vary from program to program.

Program costs include:

  • Support Costs – these are covered through the NDIS package. The NDIS only cover the cost of the Disability Support Workers.
  • Activity Costs – these are out of pocket costs which need to be paid by the camper/family. These costs cover accommodation, meals, activities and transport.

**Please note: The NDIS regularly review their pricing which then will have a flow on to People Outdoors pricing. Please contact the office on 03 9863 6824 for further information.**

Please contact us for upcoming programs and quotes.

Q: Why are there out of pocket costs?

A: NDIS does not cover the entire cost of attending a People Outdoors program.

The NDIS covers support costs but does not cover accommodation, meals, activities and transport – these are covered by the out of pocket cost.

Q: What support levels do you cater for on camps?

A: Currently we offer the following support ratios:

  • 1:1
  • 1:2
  • 1:3 + (staff:participant)

Please click here to see our support ratios explained.

Q: If I can cover the entire cost of the camp and support worker, can I attend camp if I need 1:1 support?

A: We do offer fee for service opportunities however, this is not the only requirement for participation.

People Outdoors always operates with the physical, mental, social and emotional safety of our campers and staff (paid and volunteer) as our number one priority. We will continue to provide camping experiences as long as we can guarantee this and adequately care for each camper.

Please contact the office for more information on 03 9863 6824.

Q: Can I bring my own carer to support me on camp?

A: No.

People Outdoors have a number of quality and safe guard policies including: Police Checks, Working with Children Checks, training requirements, etc. These are required prior to any staff member (paid or volunteer) supporting a camper on program.

We have a ‘pool’ of carers (Disability Support Workers and trained volunteers) that support our campers on programs.

Please contact the office if you have any queries on 03 9863 6824.

Q: Where are the camps held?

A: Our camps are held within 2-3 hours drive from Melbourne.

We only use campsites that are accredited by the Quality Tourism Framework (previously Australian Tourism Accreditation Program). We use a number of campsites around Victoria which have varying facilities and activities.

Q: What activities do you run on camps?

A: Activities on our camp programs will vary depending on what campsite/location you will be staying at.

We are all about ADVENTURE so you will find yourself outdoors doing activities such as canoeing, flying fox, giant swing, ropes courses, swimming, bush walking, archery, yabbying and much more. If you are more the indoor type there will also be plenty for you to do such as arts and crafts, discos, movie nights and cooking. You may also visit local attractions, festivals and markets.

Our programs explained.

Q: What levels of experience do the People Outdoors staff have?

Disability Support Workers

Our programs are run by an amazing group of disability support workers.

All disability support workers have various qualifications but must hold a minimum Certificate III in Disability or an equivalent qualification.

All disability support workers have a current Level 2 in First Aid and CPR and a minimum of 6 months experience (paid employment) working with people with a disability.

NDIS Programs are predominantly staffed by Disability Support Workers with support of volunteers.


Our programs are supported by a wonderful group of volunteers.

Our volunteers come from all different walks of life – students, full time employees, retirees you name it!

They are people who love to have fun, have a sense of adventure and want to give back to the community.

Our volunteers do not need any formal qualifications but they do receive comprehensive and ongoing training in areas of first aid, CPR, administration of medication, behaviour management, personal care assistance, disability awareness, leadership and communication and much more.

We are lucky enough to have volunteers that have supported People Outdoors for over 10 years, working with people with disabilities at all support ratios.

All volunteers have current police and working with children checks.

Q: Will my camper be well looked after?

A: Yes.

People Outdoors complies with the Victorian Child Safety Standards.

All camps are at fully accredited camp sites.

All volunteers and staff have a current Working With Children Check and a Police Check which is updated every 3 years.

View our Child Protection Policy here.

Any concerns, please contact the office on 03 9863 6824.

Do you have more questions? Please contact our office and speak to one of our friendly staff members…. Happy Camping!!


Support the work of People Outdoors in providing outdoor experiences for people with disabilities.

Upcoming Programs
January School Holiday Camp
YMCA Anglesea Recreation Camp
Combined (6-18yrs)
14-01-2020 - 17-01-2020

What's better than heading down the coast for the Summer Holidays? Join us for four days to Anglesea Recreation Camp.

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January School Holiday Camp - Adults
YMCA Anglesea Recreation Camp
Adults (18yrs+)
21-01-2020 - 24-01-2020

Join us for four days at Anglesea Recreation Camp.

Contact the office on 03 9863 6824 of express interest below for more information and a quote

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Adults Weekend Camp | Grantville Lodge
Grantville Lodge
Adults (18yrs+)
07-02-2020 - 09-02-2020

We're headed to Grantville Lodge (near Phillip Island) for the weekend.  

Contact the office on 03 9863 6824 of express interest below for more information and a quote

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